At Africa Imports, I shot videos of the models at my model shoots. I didn’t do the video editing though. I have been shooting model videos at Africa Imports since 2012 and they are still releasing videos I have done recently. You can see more of my model videos here. My videos date from April 2012 to February 2019. Anything later that February 2019 is not mine.

Moreover, I have my own Youtube channel on board gaming where I shoot the video and do all my own video editing. You should watch my videos in 720 HD in the settings.

Intro video to my Skillshare class in Teaching how to design a 2-page sales flier in InDesign

Set up Tutorial for Spirit Island Board Game

Playthrough of Tiny Epic Defender card game

Playthrough of Tiny Epic Galaxies card game

My different videos of models at Africa Imports