I taught my first online class

I created my own course in Skillshare about how to design a 2-page sales flier in InDesign. I teach the student how to use the basic features of Adobe InDesign.

You can see my course here.…/How-to-Design-a-2-Pa…/222267735

It was a fun experience to do the intro video of me talking and having some fun video effects using a green screen and a snazzy Teddy bear.

I spend the rest of the course just showing video of my screen teaching InDesign by creating the flier using image and typography. Please check it out.

If you are interested in Skillshare and learning more classes. Please click here as you can get 2 months free with your paid subscription.
(Note: this is an affiliate link and I get a commission for anybody signing up with Skillshare. It is not required and is up to you whatever you choose.)

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